What’s the best fake brand from film or TV?

If there's one thing I love about product placement, it's the lengths to which TV shows and movies go when they don't want to pay up for an actual brand. A new blog called Product Displacement is dedicated to tracking two kinds of Hollywood workarounds: fake brands (like Buy More, the Best Buy clone in NBC's Chuck) and unbranded products (like the logo-less Jeep from Fox's The Sarah Connor Chronicles). The blog isn't very well populated yet (and in fact, one of the supposedly bogus brands listed, the Slanket, is actually real), but there are plenty of places where it can get inspiration, like Mental Floss's list of 10 fake brands used by the entertainment industry. So, what's your favorite fake brand? Let us know in the comments, while I go crack open a frosty can of LöBrau. Via Murketing.

—Posted by David Griner