Whatever it is, Rachael Ray will endorse it

Dunkin’ Donuts continues to profess its love for new spokesperson Rachael Ray. A new e-mail to the press today reiterates that Ray, “a lifelong Dunkin’ Donuts fan and customer, mirrors Dunkin’ Donuts core customer spirit—that of the hard working, energetic and down-to-earth American.” And, they might add, she has a pretty good mmm-face. Still, after her big Nabisco deal last fall, is she stuffing herself a bit too full of endorsements? Banterist thinks so, and has posted a Rachael Ray Endorsement Contract, a one-page form for getting Rachael into your advertising, no questions asked. Includes “Rachael Ray point-of-purchase displays, a life-size Rachael Ray cardboard cut-out and a photograph of Rachael Ray embracing your product like a long-lost relative.” The kids over at the Rachael Ray Sucks blog will be eating this up.

—Posted by Tim Nudd