What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a corporate-sponsored gynecological visit?

Invasion of privacy means nothing to a Florida woman who has agreed to have a Web-hosting company sponsor her trip to the gynecologist on St. Patrick’s Day.
“During her visit to the doctor, she will be wearing a temporary tattoo
of the Globat.com logo on her chest, and will then hit the clubs
handing out St. Patrick’s Day-themed Globat.com
T-shirts, hats and stickers,” says the press release. It’s unclear
whether she will be allowed to funnel copious amounts of green beer to
deal with the embarrassment of the situation. The lucky woman’s name is
“Shimmer,” and she’s described in the release as “a long-time eBay
celebrity” from Fort Lauderdale who is “not new to extreme marketing.”
Why does that not surprise us? In fact, says Globat.com’s CEO, “She’s
shown she has a lot of skill in unique promotions.” Say no more. At
least it’s for a good cause: cervical-cancer prevention awareness. UPDATE: Globat.com’s other current stunt is its impending sponsorship of a live birth. From the Web site: “The mother-to-be, Asia Francis, is a 21-year-old resident of St. Louis, Missouri, and was expected to give birth in mid-April, but is now expected to give birth earlier. The due date is March 14, and everyone is excited to meet the baby girl, Samiah Wynn Francis!” This is the kind of company that keeps GoldenPalace.com up at night.

—Posted by Tim Nudd