What Will Kevin Hart Do Next? Well, for Starters, This Ad Campaign for Xfinity

72andSunny N.Y.'s first work for brand

Kevin Hart's upcoming stand-up concert film is called What Now? Which is the question he poses to his uninterested wife and son in this Xfinity ad by 72andSunny New York.

This is one of those weird, cross-promotional deals where Kevin's movie and the X1 voice remote are given equal weight, like a Russian nesting ad. I'm not a big fan of those, and the only reason this one works is because it's totally believable that Kevin Hart would troll his family by making them watch his stuff all the time.

As for what Kevin should do now that he's been a comedian, actor, rapper and hand model, that one's a little above my pay grade. Whatever he decides, he shouldn't stray too far from what I feel is his Platonic ideal situation—antagonizing Ice Cube.

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