What we do at work instead of working

There’s a new survey out that says American workers on average spend about one-quarter of the work day chatting, Web surfing and generally goofing off. I was going to write a hilarious yet insightful analysis of the subject, but who has the time? The guys from marketing stopped by to shoot the breeze, and I had to check last night’s baseball scores. Three cups of coffee, two Snickers bars and one traumatic phone call later (it was my mom; she forgot how to turn on the computer I got her for Christmas, and my cousin’s getting another divorce), I’m wiped out. Maybe after a light lunch and a stroll to the bookstore, I’ll give it another try. By the way, there are two people I know of who are actually required to read AdFreak as part of their jobs. So, unless you’re one of them, get back to work!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

Image: NBC