What a surprise, another ad about evolution


This Audi ad by Venables, Bell & Partners, called "Footsteps of Progress," relies once again on the tired metaphor of evolution. I see so many ads about evolution that some days I want to build a time machine so I can return to the 1800s and punch Darwin in the face. The only thing that redeems this ad is its good use of sound and a minor twist at the end. Instead of natural evolution (Guinness, et al) or technology evolving into better technology (Sprint Evo, I'm looking at you) or even the evolution of a product (yeah, Gatorade), Audi here implies that technology itself has evolved from nature by showing the evolution of locomotion from sea to land, man to horse, and horse to car. Then they hit you with the tagline: "Progress isn't a philosophy. It's a force of nature." The idea that technology is an extension of evolutionary life—see Kevin Kelly's book What Technology Wants—is current and frankly awesome. But again with the evolution theme? We have to get a new idea, people. What about monkeys acting like humans—have we overdone that yet? Wait, that's also the evolution idea. Well, fudge.