What’s wrong with food ads this summer?

Just in time for Independence Day cookouts, Ballpark promotes its frankfurters with ads that show human arms bursting from teenagers’ stomachs. Read more about the campaign here. I was a kid when the first Alien movie came out, and the whole gut-ripping thing was new and scary then, so this counts as one of the childhood fears I could potentially encounter at Cold Stone Creamery, which bases its current ads on such youthful terrors. I’d call on Big Papi for help, but he’s busy fending off a D’Angelo’s steak and cheese sandwich. Getting so riled up over food ads makes me feel like an ass, and that reminds me of those Jack in the Box spots that link competitors’ angus burgers to cows’ posteriors. Which is the least appetizing food ad of the year? Do any of these ads make you want to buy what’s being advertised?

—Posted by David Gianatasio