What’s With the Sexist ‘Got milk?’ Spot?

Milk1At first, “Milk to the Rescue,” the latest “Got milk?&rdq

At first, “Milk to the Rescue,” the latest “Got milk?” spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, is pretty amusing. Men frantically buy gallon upon gallon of milk, one even strapping cartons to his dog, as a love song plays in the background. One guys sneaks in to his home, frightened, with a boatload of milk and a bouquet of flowers and says tentatively, “Honey, I’m home!” A voiceover then tells us that calcium helps reduce symptoms of PMS. Get it? Buy a ton of milk, and tame that bitch at home! Hey, clever! Great stuff! It’s from Goodby, so it can’t help but be great, right? But then it sinks in—how sexist is that? Is this just another example of men advertising to other men, with the underlying message that women are psycho and evil, isn’t it a pain in the ass to deal with them, blah, blah, blah? How about saving this stuff for beer, cars and razor ads?