What’s next, a Geico inflatable gecko?

Bod_1 Readers will be happy to know that huge strides have been made in the field of inflatable companionship. Reuters reports on the success in the U.K. of “Buddy on Demand,” a blow-up man doll designed to ride shotgun for women who are anxious about driving alone. Apparently, the B.O.D. fits in the glove compartment and inflates/deflates at the flick of a switch, which is certainly convenient for the 82 percent of women who feel safer driving with someone else. B.O.D.’s creator, a car-insurance company called Sheila’s Wheels, says its product “will give women extra confidence and make journeys in the dark less fearful.” Not to mention they’ll be able to use the carpool lane. Another benefit: It helps even the playing field with men, who’ve had their own inflatable dolls for years.

—Posted by David Kiefaber