What’s hair got to do with it?

Sox_1To superstitious athletes, hair is a big thing. They’ll grow good-luck beards, carve out funny-looking goatees, shave their heads bald. Somehow, this is supposed to improve their chances of winning. So, what are we to make of this year’s World Series? The Astros are the ones messing about with their hair, and they’re down three games to none. (They grew beards, then shaved them. Who knows what they’ll do now.) The White Sox, meanwhile, have a more unusual superstition—they think it’s a good thing to have Journey’s Steve Perry follow them around. Hair is less important. Or is it? Back on Sept. 2, the team did host a Mullet Night promotion at U.S. Cellular Field. It seemed like no big deal. But before Mullet Night, the Sox had lost 15 of 22 games at home, and they had a losing record overall for August. After Mullet Night, they picked things up, steamrolled the Indians, the Red Sox and the Angels, and are one game away from their first world championship in 88 years. Coincidence?

—Posted by Tim Nudd