What Mel Gibson really thinks about Jews

You may have thought that Mel Gibson set the record straight last week concerning his true feelings towards Jews on ABC’s Good Morning America. (No, he acknowledged, they are not responsible for all the wars that have taken place in the history of the world.)  But Mel had a few more things to get off his chest, about which he writes at length in the new issue of humor magazine Cracked, which hits newsstands today. (Stories from the magazine don’t appear to be on the Web site, which has its own content.) "I know Jews," Gibson writes. "My publicist Alan Nierob is a Jew and I’m always telling him what a credit he is to his race. ‘I barely even remember you’re a Jew!’ I’ll say, slapping him on the back." Much of the piece talks about the upcoming week-long celebration of Hanukkah, which commemorates the miracle during which candles in an ancient temple burned for eight days on one day’s supply of oil. "So while we celebrate the birth of God’s only begotten son, the Jew celebrates the one time he saved a little cash on gas thousands of years ago," Mel explains. Yes, as you may have guessed by now, Mel didn’t really write the piece. It was those writers at Cracked, who, the magazine says, also write for Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. The 48-year-old magazine was relaunched in August after a two-year hiatus. I don’t know, crack—no pun intended—about Jews just seem funnier coming out of Jon Stewart’s mouth on the Daily Show. (Yes, Stewart is Jewish.) We all know he’s just being silly. And funny. With Mel, who knows? He could actually believe half the stuff the Cracked crew wrote under his byline. And that’s just sad.

—Posted by Steve McClellan