What if there were Pink Floyd shampoo?

Dsotm1_1In 35 years I have only met one person who did not appreciate the name Pink Floyd, and that person was a 7th grade Home Economics teacher at Camerado Middle School, who, upon hearing it for the first time, laughed until she hyperventilated. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd said in this recent Rolling Stone interview that Pink Floyd is not only a good name for a band, but "a great brand name." AdFreak thinks Roger is right, and perhaps he and the rest of Floyd could teach some new bands something about coming up with a decent name. AdFreak would like to see an end to names like And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and As I Lay Dying, as well as short-yet-stupid names like The Las or Sha Na Na. Some of us have always been puzzled by the name Mary’s Danish. Is Mary’s Danish an object, as in "Bob’s Doughnut"? Or is it a statement, like "Mary’s Swedish"?  Why doesn’t anyone explain these things? This list showcases what it calls stupid band names, but there are also some pretty good ones on there, like the Boxing Ghandis. You be the judge.

—Posted by Celeste Ward