What Happens When a Middle-Aged Woman Wears Axe Men’s Body Spray for a Week

Slate reporter finds out

Slate's legal reporter obviously has too many friends and wants to pare down her social circle, because she recently decided to see what would happen if she wore Axe men's body spray for a week.

Inspired by her 13-year-old nephew, her own Axe-worshiping sons and the legion of other advertising-hypnotized young males out there, Dahlia Lithwick wanted to see how people would react if she slathered Axe products all over her "fortysomething" self and went about her day as a functioning adult.

The results of her odd experiment were mixed. On the one hand, she earnestly liked the smell: "I smelled the way an adolescent male smells when he feels that everything good in the universe is about to be delivered to him, possibly by girls in angel wings. I had never smelled this entitled in my life. I loved it. I wanted more."

On the other hand, and clearly disappointing for Lithwick, few people seemed all that bothered by it. "Almost immediately upon my arrival [at a staff party] I was accosted by three female Slate colleagues who spontaneously observed that I smelled completely amazing. … One colleague said it brought her right back to whatever it is that happened in the back of a truck when she was herself 14."

So there you have it—not-so-scientific proof that wearing Axe might help a single guy land either an underage teen or a cougar.