What do you think of the Super Bowl logo?

Superbowlxlilogo Here’s the official logo for Super Bowl XLI, to be played a week from Sunday in Miami. As usual for a Super Bowl logo, it attempts to say something about the host city. Here, the connection is pretty basic—an orange-and-blue color scheme to emphasize Miami’s sunny ocean setting. The logo also reminds us this is a sporting event by including a football in the corner and making the ‘i’ in the Roman numeral into an end-zone pylon. (Last year’s logo, for the game in Detroit, included the words Super Bowl set in what was supposed to look like an odometer.) The official theme this year is “One game. One dream,” stressing that Miami is something of a dreamlike destination. Here’s a link to all of the Super Bowl logos in history. How does the new one stack up?

—Posted by Tim Nudd