What the Dewce is up with Dew’s new spot?

When everyone in a room simultaneously shouts “What the f@*k was that?” after a commercial, you know you have to blog about it. In this case, it was the new Mountain Dew Voltage bug-zapper ad. I say “new” to distinguish it from a 2003 Dew spot that also had a bug-zapper theme. In the new ad, doing the Dew makes you light up like a bug zapper until a gigantic insect approaches, gets zapped and barfs green slime on you. But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that right after that, they run a disclaimer that says: “Drinking Mountain Dew Voltage will not actually electrify you. This was simply a metaphor, an admittedly weak metaphor, to suggest it is intense. We hope you enjoyed it but fully understand if you did not.” After we all screeched, one of my friends said, “Did they just apologize for their commercial?” The ad points you to DEWmocracyvoltage.com. Get it? DEWmocracy? (Dew parent PepsiCo is all about the electoral process now, what with its shiny new Obama logo and Obama ‘mercial.) In the great tradition of oddvertising, this Dew spot both caught our attention and confounded us. I present it to you, dear reader, for your commentary.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers