What daughters really think of Mom

Who knew mothers were so controversial? In a Good Housekeeping poll of mothers and daughters, 72 percent of respondents “described their mother as a friend.” On the other hand, nearly one-fifth described the relationship in such terms as “cool and reserved” and “high maintenance.” Moreover, “64 percent of women say their relationship with their daughters is loving, but only 47 percent say their relationship with their mothers is loving.” And while 69 percent of women said they’d “be open to having their mother move in with their family, if it came to that,” this means nearly one-third would leave Ma out on the ice. Elsewhere on the pre-Mother’s Day polling front, an online survey by Elegant Bride magazine asked brides-to-be, “Are you going to be a different kind of wife than your mother?” A loyal 15 percent said, “She was perfect, I want to be just like her,” while a critical 13 percent said, “Hell yes, she wasn’t a great role model.” The remaining 72 percent judiciously answered, “In some respects, but not all.” Bonus factoid: Asked to describe “the relationship between your mother and your fiance,” 54 percent said they’re “best friends” (!?); 44 percent answered “neutral (they tolerate each other)”; and 2 percent said “cats and dogs (they don’t get along).”

—Posted by Mark Dolliver