Wexley is latest shop to disown advertising

What is it with ad agencies disowning advertising when the general-interest press comes knocking? When I hear that stuff, I think thou doth protest too much. Wexley School for Girls is the latest to turn up its nose at the grimy business of making ads in a new Inc. magazine profile of the "wacky" Seattle shop. "The men and women of Wexley even bristle a little when you call what they do advertising," the piece reports. "In their estimation, the ad business is undergoing a shift, one that affects agencies and their clients. The days of huge production teams and million-dollar media buys are waning, and, as the economy slips further into decrepitude and companies have less money to burn, this will only become clearer." Ah, nothing soothes the soul like economic decrepitude. So, Wexley doesn't do ads—it does viral videos and guerrilla stunts for advertisers without media budgets. Still, why does everyone have to wreck on the people making ads?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey