Wetter is not better

PanasonicThere are plenty of sex experts out there (Oxygen’s “Sex Grandma” Sue Johanson, among them), who actively encourage couples to explore their sexual fantasies. But in the future, should they involve a couple, two razors, and a carwash, AdFreak would prefer the participants keep it to themselves. We haven’t been so lucky with a current commercial for Panasonic Shavers that tries to turn a couple’s ride through a carwash in a convertible into a sexy shaving interlude. Sure, sex sells. We all know that. But this isn’t sinful, steamy or scintillating.

To think that a couple would want to get lathered up in the front seat of a car while the sheet metal is shined and then pull out Panasonic’s new pivot-action shavers for some added foreplay (which the voiceover explains hugs the body’s curves) is ridiculous.

Just when you want the Energizer Bunny to march through and put an end to it all comes the tagline:  Wetter is Better. We can only groan, and not in a sexual way.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis