Westwood College jazzes up career training

These ads from Cactus for Westwood College aren't your typical continuing-education spots. The backgrounds constantly change while the protagonists remain in the middle of the screen—a technique the agency calls a "visual metaphor" that supposedly emphasizes that to get the best jobs, applicants need the best backgrounds. It kind of made me dizzy. According to the ads, the school offers degrees in design, healthcare, technology, business and construction management. I don't really trust career-training ads that don't tout programs in refrigeration or driving the big rigs. Even in a recession, folks like their milk frosty-cold and delivered to supermarkets in trucks with happy cows prancing on the side. Also, I'm not sure I'd hire Westwood grads. It seems like every time they land a job, they're immediately dissatisfied and seek employment elsewhere.

—Posted by David Gianatasio