West Coast talk jockey disses Donny

Exactly how many people were listening to McIntyre in the Morning at 5:27 a.m. on KABC Los Angeles today is its own ratings question, but AdFreak hopes Donny Deutsch was not one of them. Host Doug McIntyre happened to have caught Deutsch’s latest edition of The Big Idea on CNBC and went off on an extended rant about how this guy "Danny" Deutsch—a mistake he repeated several times, to the point of sounding as if he has TV-gig envy—gets A-minus level guests (at least A-minus level for television, as he qualified it). McIntyre said the guests must not realize that no one is watching the program and went on to suggest that the Regis Philbin-hosted infomercial for Dean Martin’s Variety Show DVD, which airs in the week morning hours opposite reruns of The Big Idea, must be getting higher ratings thanks to Regis and Deano’s popularity. (Deano remains a classic while Deutsch… Let’s just note that radio show host Laura Ingraham thought Deutsch was a refugee from an ’80s boy-band). AdFreak’s also noticed that advertising for Deutsch’s program has begun to run on the mother station NBC, which led us to wonder who won the creative chores on that account, and was Deutsch’s agency allowed to pitch?

Posted by Gregory Solman