Wendy’s Put a Troll on Ice With 2017’s Best Tweet So Far

Don't question the freshness

Headshot of David Griner

The year is young, but Wendy's is getting an early start on being one of 2017's hottest brands on Twitter. So hot, in fact, you might get a wicked burn.

When a Twitter user posted some (now-deleted) comments questioning the fast food chain's claim of never freezing its beef, the @Wendys feed politely corrected him. Then things escalated quickly.

Here's how it went down, with copious thanks to Upworthy writer Parker Molloy for capturing it all before the critic deleted his posts (and, apparently, his entire account):

Which sparked this skeptical response:

And then we were all treated to the coup de grâce, an instant classic of social-savvy snark:

The brand later owned up to the fact that "we cannot guarantee never-frozen beef" for locations in Hawaii, due to the distance the meat must travel (thus the original tweet's fine print about fresh beef being available in 49 states).

But the feisty fast food chain still didn't back down from a chance to get scrappy:

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