Welcome to AdFreak’s new social network!

Welcome, glad you could be here! Feel free to post a picture of someone named Dave. Since this is our social network, it wouldn’t make sense to upload a photo of you, now would it? Unless you’re a Dave. Then you’ll fit right in. I actually don’t have any digital photos of myself, so I used this shot of David Duchovny from his X Files days. It’s OK, because I vaguely resemble him, now that his hairline is receding.
  Join one of our forums! There’s lots of great choices: Why I Like Dave. Why I Dislike Dave. Who Is Dave? Which Dave? Guess Dave’s Age and Weight. Buy Dave an iPhone. Hey Dave, Give Me Back That Stuff You “Borrowed”! Isn’t This Site About David Duchovny?
  You know how you get “poked” on Facebook? Here, you get “Daved.” Pretty cool, huh?
  Advertising on social networks is all the rage. Maybe if I upload a video (me as Stevie Nicks, Halloween ’89?) I could sell some “overlays,” just like YouTube.
  It’s kind of quiet here today. Maybe I’ll go hang out at an actual, functioning social network. I’m still using this picture of David Duchovny, though. (David Griner is a bit obsessed with Duchovny, too. That dude is sooo insecure.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio