The weird world of Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly begins shooting his new film, Southland Tales, next Monday, and the Donnie Darko writer/director is already concocting quite the strange and varied multimedia campaign well ahead of the film’s release next year. The story, set in Los Angeles in 2008, is about an action-movie star (The Rock) stricken with amnesia whose life intertwines with a legless Iraqi war veteran (Kevin Smith), an adult film star (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who is developing her own reality show and a Hermosa Beach police officer (Seann William Scott) who holds the key to a vast conspiracy. The film is just part of Kelly’s vision. The story will also be told on the Web (both on the official site and on offshoots like this weird Treer Products site, which has something to do with the film and features a possibly not-safe-for-work animated cartoon) and in six prequel graphic novels to be released in early 2006—all of which will no doubt drum up intense cult interest in the movie. This integrated marketing, Richard Kelly style, promises to be quite a ride.

—Posted by Tim Nudd