Is This Weird Hostess Tweet for Opening Day a Home Run or a Strikeout?

Snack maker goes with another sport entirely

Now that spring has sprung and March Madness is nearly at its dramatic conclusion, baseball season is upon us. And a few brands have begun to celebrate by creating their own style of Twitter fodder—for better or worse.

Enter Hostess, purveyor of snack cakes, which topped all the other brands this morning with what many are calling a bad-on-purpose "slam dunk" of a tweet. It shows cupcakes decorated like baseballs and the word "Touchdown."

Which left many people scratching their heads at the mixed sports phrasing.

It stands to reason this was completely intentional. It's been more than three hours, and the tweet is still up. And anyway, no one can be that dumb, right? Lots of people seem to think it was a straight-up gaffe, though Hostess' lone tweet since then—a reply to Sports Illustrated—seems to imply the opposite:

I'd argue that in our hoax-driven, faux-viral culture, this was a genius move. Showing genuine excitement would have gotten lost pretty quickly, while this stands out. And it makes more sense to be the butt of the joke intentionally, rather than accidentally. 

Check out some other reactions below.

UPDATE: In an email to CNBC, Hostess says the tweet was intentional—and amusingly includes a soccer reference in its statement.

Senior director of marketing Ellen Copaken writes: "Since embarking on the 'Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever' nearly two years ago, Hostess has employed a strategy aimed at contemporizing the brand. The bolder approach has been particularly visible in the brand's social media platforms. The 'Touchdown' line was intentional; it's fun and aimed at young audiences who are in on the running joke—which, of course, is the goalllll."

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