Weird, Giant Monsters Chase a Forester in Subaru Ad That’s Totally Bonkers

Tie-in with Attack on Titan

If you need to outrun giant monsters that want to eat you, drive a Subaru Forester.

This Subaru ad from Japan draws its villains from Attack on Titan, the forthcoming live-action adaption of the anime by the same name. The movie's director worked on the commercial, which reportedly included some pretty nifty practical effects, including a puppet that required seven sets of hands to control.

Apparently, dystopian fantasy car battles are in vogue right now. There was that ad where Acuras are actually live horses locked in a bitter race against a gang of evil mechanical horses. And there was that one for the Nissan Rogue, where some guy uses his four-wheel-drive to battle a horde of menacing snowmen.

Sure, Subarus are a little less fight and a little more flight. Then again, the titans don't look like they'd explode into white powder on impact.