Weird Al’s brain promotes Weird Al’s movie

Was there a call for a "Weird Al" Yankovic comeback? Even allowing for that remote possibility, I think I'm safe in saying there was zero demand for a promotional video starring Al's disembodied brain. And yet here he (it?) is, enjoying a wild night on the town to promote a film/exhibit called, appropriately enough, "Al's Brain," which premieres July 10 at the Orange County Super Fair (a good indication of how far this guy's fame has fallen since "Eat It" was a hit). In the clip, Al's brain takes in a 3-D flick, hangs with some chicks, DJs in a club and uses its spinal cord to send a ball and itself careening down the lane at a bowling alley. It even gets a tattoo and uploads footage of its adventures to Brainbook. Yeah, this brain's got a mind of its own. It's still cooler than that disembodied Favoli's stomach—that's a no-brainer.

—Posted by David Gianatasio