Weezer storms YouTube to promote ‘Hurley’


Weezer's eighth album, Hurley, drops today, and the band is marking the occasion (with help from marketing firm DashGo) by jumping into a bevy of other people's YouTube channels, including: AutoTune The News, Cyr1216, DaveDays, Fred, Hot For Words, Keep The Heat, MagicHugs, Mystery Guitar Man, Onision, Ray William Johnson, Real Annoying Orange, StSanders aka Kiss Shreds, Tay Zonday, The Key of Awesome (below) and UsofAnderson. YouTube is apparently Weezer's advertising medium of choice now. Fans will recall Weezer's 2008 "Pork and Beans" video for their last album. If you're not a fan, it started a bunch of YouTube sensations. In 2009, they had another YouTube hit hawking their own Snuggie with their album Raditude. Over at Mashable, lead singer Rivers Cuomo reflects on what it's like to bring a band that existed before the Internet into the digital world. Cuomo says they're basically just experimenting and that "it feels like it's not really clear to anyone in the music business how to succeed. Or what that success looks like." To me, it looks like rock 'n' roll success is no longer all about excess.