The Week on AdFreak

Clooney's wedding, Ikea's mancave, offensive coupons, disputed balls: the week's top posts

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories of the week:

1. Ikea Debuts Mänland, a Daycare for Men While Women Shop

2. Which Is Your Favorite Poster From the Fall TV Season?

3. Probably the Most Unfortunate Coupon Copywriting Ever

4. George Clooney Marries Random Commoner in Bank Ad

5. Schweddy Balls Leaves Sour Taste in Conservative Group's Mouth

6. Lingerie Model Grows a Pair for Testicular Cancer (NSFW)

7. Rick Perry's First Ad Is Like a Trailer for a Rick Perry Movie

8. NYC Billboard's Math Puzzle Will Make Your Brain Hurt

9. 3-D Safe-Driving Billboard in Colorado Will Rip Your Head Off

10. George Costanza Needs Google Wallet