The Week on AdFreak

Bitchy PR people, giant QR codes, wine-label infographics, perfect pours: the week's top posts

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories from the past week:

1. Oops. PR Exec Calls Blogger a 'F*cking Bitch' in an Email

2. Australian Wine Uses Infographics as Its Bottle Labels

3. Australians Getting Their Names on Coke Bottles and Cans

4. Stella Shows You the Nine Steps to the Perfect Pour

5. World's Largest QR Code (aka World's Biggest Waste of Time)

6. Cracker Barrel Secretly Replaces Almost Everything With Cheese

7. Karen O Covers a Willie Nelson Cover in Chipotle's Latest Ad

8. Woman Sues Makers of 'Drive,' Saying Its Trailer Was Misleading

9. Vibrator Ad Reminds You to Lie Back and Enjoy Life

10. Man Celebrates 50th Anniversary on Enormous Billboard