The Week on AdFreak

ChapStick's big fail, Siri's big score, silly job titles, giant Lego men: the week's top posts

The 10 most-read stories on AdFreak in the past seven days:

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2. Siri Stars in First Apple TV Commercial of Post-Jobs Era

3. The 11 Most Ridiculous Job Titles in Advertising

4. Student Ads Take Aim at Racist Halloween Costumes

5. Conan O'Brien Rewrites Apple's Siri Commercial

6. Apple Really Doesn't Like Other People Using Apples in Logos

7. 'Paranormal Activity 3' Slammed Over Misleading Trailer

8. Sally Draper Makes an Excellent Child Psychologist

9. Lego Man, Not Endorsed by Lego, Washes Ashore in Florida

10. Patrick Swayze's 1979 PBR Ad, Like You've Never Seen It Before