The Week on AdFreak

Prenatal friend requests, stunning birthday cards, and the best used-snowblower ad ever written

The 10 most-read stories on AdFreak this week:

1. Used-Snowblower Ad Takes Canada by Storm

2. Friend Request From Unborn Child Is Actually a Condom Ad

3. New Samsung Ad Mercilessly Mocks Apple Fans

4. Israeli Creative Makes His Wife the Best Birthday Card Ever

5. Tribute in Fries! McDonald's Billboard Lights Up Chicago Sky

6. Get Reamed With Real-Life Dunder Mifflin Paper

7. Hanson: Get Ready for Our Tasty New Beer, MMMHop

8. Australia Gets Up for Touching Marriage Equality Spot

9. Little Printer Spits Out Web Stuff, but Is It More Than Just Cute?

10. Billboard With Men Almost Kissing Offends L.A. Mom