The Week on AdFreak

Creepy ads from Honda and David Lynch, 7-Eleven's Facebook fail and more

Fittingly, for a week that ended on Friday the 13th, we saw our share of creepy ads over the past few days. Chief among them was the David Lynch coffee spot with Head Squeeze Barbie, followed closely by Honda's Teen Wookie. We also covered a 7-Eleven Facebook face-palm and some odd celebrity spots, as well as chimpanzees and cannibals. Read on for the gory details. 

  1. David Lynch Coffee and Barbie

    Four minutes of David Lynch talking furtively with Barbie, while crushing her little head? Must be a coffee commercial. Yes, it's weird, but it's almost weirder that Lynch is marketing his own David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee in the first place. David Lynch Hits on Barbie in Crazy Coffee Spot

  2. Honda's Furry Monster

    Also quite odd was Honda's "She's All Monster" spot, which aired this past Tuesday on Glee and caused a collective trouser-wetting on Twitter. Just what is that strange creature, many wondered, in more colorful language than that. Viewers Confused, Scared by Honda Civic's Furry Monster Automakers Fall in Love With Odd Spokescreatures

  3. 7-Eleven's Facebook Fail

    The social-media cock-up of the week actually happened the previous week—and 7-Eleven almost got away with it, too. But the screen shot above survived. Funny? Offensive? How about just a downright odd topic for a convenience-store chain. 7-Eleven (Almost) Covers Up Facebook Fail

  4. Ooh, That Sausage Flan

    More kooky than creepy were Grey Argentina's new ads for Ayudin, a Clorox dish soap. Ayudin cleans your dishes so well, you won't have yesterday's flavors mixing with today's dishes—making odd combinations like sausage flan and fish chocolate. Mmm, good. Banish That Vomitous Sausage Flan With Proper Dish Soap

  5. Ron Jeremy vs. Porn

    What do you get when you mix seven porn stars, two 8-year-old kids, two sheep and a puppet? A humorous PSA urging parents to keep kids away from online smut. Ron Jeremy and the sheep steal the show without any lovemaking whatsoever. That's a first. Ron Jeremy and Pair of Sheep Keep Porn Away From Kids

  6. Joe Pesci for Snickers

    What's this, Joe Pesci playing an irritable hothead prone to violent outbursts? Shocking, I know. A Snickers calms him down in this new spot from BBDO. Joe Pesci Is a Dick in New Snickers Spot

  7. Sprint's Real Drag

    You just can't make a good cross-dressing attack ad like you used to. This Sprint-funded ad, opposing AT&T's takeover of T-Mobile, was pulled after complaints of transphobia. Also, who knew the T-Mobile dress was so recognizable? T-Mobile Attack Ad Is a Real Drag for Sprint

  8. Auto Corrected Chimps

    BBDO New York took its fight against (literal) monkey business in advertising directly to its creatives' keyboards, installing an auto-correct feature across the office that issues a warning whenever words like "monkey" or "ape" or "chimpanzee" are typed. If you can keep monkeys out of the script, you keep them out of the ad. BBDO Uses Auto Correct to Keep Chimps Out of Ad Scripts

  9. Apocalyptic Billboards

    Mark your calendar, because Judgment Day is this coming Saturday, according to thousands of billboards that have sprung up around the world. At least you'll have Friday night. Billboards Warn Judgment Day Is Right Around the Corner

  10. A Cannibal's Personal Ad

    Never answer a cannibal's personal ad. Basic rule of thumb—but one that a Slovakian man ignore last week. Bad things transpired. People were not eaten, but were shot. Don't answer these ads in future. Cannibal Who Placed Personal Ad Shot After 'Dinner' Backs Out