The Week on AdFreak

Timesheet slackers, a banner-ad marriage proposal, and the year's best Mother's Day campaign

The 10 most-read AdFreak posts from the past week:

1. Colle+McVoy Enlists Timesheet Slackers for Motivational Posters

2. Infographic: Advertising People Are Hopeless Social-Media


3. Billboard Likening Climate Change Believers to Unabomber Is

    Taken Down

4. Martin Agency Staffer Gets Marriage Proposal via Banner Ads

5. This Mother's Day, Literally Pay Your Mom Back for Her

    Pregnancy and Labor

6. Cee Lo Green Creates a Purrfect Meow Mix Remix With His Cat

7. Ikea's Porta-Potty Is the Tardis of Toilets

8. Minnesota Man's Desperate 'Hire Me!' Billboard Actually Works

9. Solar Power: It's Not Just for Hippie Freaks Anymore

10. Domestic Violence Billboards Let Passersby Drag Away an