The Week on AdFreak

Timeline traveling, logos for hipsters, Pantone tarts, and Google's recast ad campaigns of old

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories of the past week:
1. Google Takes 4 Classic Ads and Reimagines Them for the Web
2. McDonald's Fabricates Awkward Internet Meme, #Shamrocking
3. Fanta Fans Go Timeline Traveling on Facebook
4. Feed Your Inner Design Geek With Delicious Pantone Tarts
5. Brand Logos Redesigned for Hipsters
6. SHORT CUTS: Mother's Day Ad Fail
7. Sluts Fight Back in Condom Maker's Social Campaign
8. Mr. T Pitches Old Navy Tees in Fun Infomercial Parody
9. The Most Insane, In-Your-Face Mineral Water Ads Ever (NSFW)
10. Will Ferrell Pitches Movie by Doing Interviews Only in Spanish