The Week on AdFreak

Great and terrible print ads, a Skittles tribute, Vader visits Disneyland, and more

It was a mostly celebratory week, as we collected 10 great magazine ads worth seeing and 18 wonderful old Skittles commercials from TBWA's now-concluded campaign. Gillette brought us the world's smallest ads, and a Texas movie-theater crafted the best "Silence your cell phone" PSA ever. But it wasn't all fun and games, as we also looked at the horror of the world's worst advertising placement ever. Check out the mixed bag after the jump.

  1. 10 Great Magazine Ads

    Most magazine ads just sit there doing nothing, all lazy and content. These 10 tried harder. 10 Great Magazine Ads That Don't Just Sit There Looking Pretty

  2. A Skittles Retrospective

    TBWA was stripped of its Mars business this week, which means no more awesomely weird Skittles ads from the agency. Here's our tribute to a great campaign through the years. Relive the Rainbow: 18 Great Skittles Ads by TBWA

  3. The World's Smallest Ads

    Etched by an electron microscope on the side of a man's shaved whiskers, these tiny Gillette ads made a big impact. Gillette Etches World's Smallest Ads on Man's Shaven Whiskers

  4. Silence Your Phone, Jackass

    Most movie theaters show boring, run-of-the-mill "Silence your cell phone" PSAs. The Alamo Drafthouse cobbled together a hilarious one, featuring a profane and entertaining voicemail left by a peeved patron who was kicked out after breaking the rule. The Best 'Don't Talk or Text' Movie Theater Short Ever Made

  5. The Worst Ad Placement Ever

    It's so perfectly bad, it's almost like it was planned. This Is Probably the Worst Ad Placement in History

  6. Find Your Doggelganger

    This app for the Pedigree Adoption Drive in New Zealand used facial-recognition software to match you with your perfect dog—i.e., one that looks just like you. Find Your Canine 'Doggelganger' With This Pedigree App

  7. Tasteless Chip Shop Ads

    The Chip Shop Awards recognize ads that were never approved to run—many of them tasteless and shocking. Here's one of this year's noteworthy "winners"—an ad for "vaginal tightening and reduction" featuring Piers Morgan and Justin Bieber. Michael J. Fox Ad Leads Crass Winners at Chip Shop Awards

  8. Mountain Dew's Pinball Park

    The soft-drink brand built a skate park in New Zealand that resembles a giant pinball machine. Simply awesome. Mountain Dew Designs Skate Park to Look Like Giant Pinball Machine

  9. Asshole of the Week

    Greg Fultz of Alamogordo, N.M., spent $1,300 on an anti-abortion billboard calling out his ex-girlfriend for an abortion she might not even have had. What a fool. Unpleasant Man Humiliates Woman With Anti-Abortion Billboard

  10. Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland

    Darth Vader is marketing gold. Here he is exploring Disneyland, where the new and improved Star Tours ride is now open. Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland to Check Out 'Star Tours'