The Week on AdFreak

Nivea vs. black people, A&F vs. The Situation, Goodby vs. originality: the week's top posts

It was a week for confrontation, as Abercrombie & Fitch challenged Jersey Shore's The Situation to stop wearing its clothes; Nivea was attacked for a racist ad; and people piled on Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for stealing (or rather, "appropriating") a 100-year-old logo. There were also lawsuits (Vampire Weekend settled one involving the album-cover model above), sex, awesome billboards, and one Mercedes-branded prosthetic arm. Below, re-enjoy the week's 10 most-read AdFreak posts:

1. Abercrombie Will Pay 'The Situation' to Stop Wearing Its Clothes

2. Nivea Apologizes for Wanting to 'Re-Civilize' Black Man

3. Beer Billboard Casts Long Shadow

4. Goodby, Silverstein's New Logo Is Actually 100 Years Old

5. Airline Delays Feel-Good Ads in Light of Staff Sex Photos

6. The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation Needs Your Support

7. L'Oréal Advises Men on Perfect Facebook Profile Picture

8. MTV to Abercrombie: Oh, You Clever Bastards!

9. Model Settles With Vampire Weekend Over 'Contra' Photo

10. Mercedes Gives British Teen a Hand: A Branded Prosthetic One