The Week on AdFreak

Aliens in circulars, crazy used-car ads, and the world's most frustrating agency beer fridge

1. Ad in Target Circular Either Photoshopped or Features an Alien

2. Agency's Frustrating Beer Fridge Won't Open Until You Do

    Your Time Sheets

3. Most Absurd Craigslist Ad Ever for a '95 Pontiac Grand Am GT

4. Kentucky Breastfeeding Ad Is a Bit Long in the Tooth

5. 34 Apple Commercials Starring Celebrities

6. Grandmother Gets Killed Over and Over in Ad for Job Site

7. Texas Girl Not Elected Prom Queen Despite Roadside Billboard

8. Dove Lets Women Give Facebook Advertising a Makeover

9. Trade Dog Poop for WiFi, Thanks to DDB

10. Miller Lite's New Can Lets You Drink So Fast, You Almost

    Don't Taste the Beer