Wedding Magazine Flip-Flops on Photographer’s Ad Showing Gay Couple

Change of heart, and apology, after protest

Wedding photographer Anne Almasy probably didn't think buying her first print ad in a magazine would be such an emotional roller coaster. Weddings Unveiled initially rejected her ad because it included a photo of two women about to kiss. It's a tasteful photo, but the magazine asked her to swap it out for one of a man and a woman—because, well, you know, some people are joyless bigots, or at least terrified of backlash from those who are. Almasy responded with an open letter to the Weddings Unveiled editors, essentially calling them chicken for not publishing a photo because it goes against beliefs that aren't even theirs. She even quoted Martin Luther King. To its credit, the magazine changed its tune and agreed to publish the ad—with the two women publishers even offering an apology. "We are so sorry that we have disappointed you and we ask for your forgiveness," they write. "If Anne would still like to run her ad in Weddings Unveiled, then we would be proud to publish it." All of which left them right where they should have been to begin with. It's a wedding magazine, not a church bulletin. I mean, even Jet runs stuff about gay weddings now. Via BuzzFeed.