We wonder what he really thinks

GrubmanYou may think it’s the holiday season but apparently it’s not only that. It also may be open season for a new round of verbal assaults on Lizzie Grubman, the PR mistress who, a few years back, got into a lot of trouble with an SUV and next year will star in an MTV reality series titled, Power Girls that will feature her own brand of PR (which often consists of making sure the right people are seen at the right parties—we’ll definitely watch.)

In a news release titled, Lizzie Grubman an Embarrassment to the PR Industry, Ronn Torossian, president & CEO of 5W Public Relations, which he refers to as "the quickest growing PR firm in the U.S.," launches this diatribe: “I wouldn’t allow MTV camera’s [sic] to follow me because our firm counsels clients and serves as confidants to them, and I and many of my industry peers hope upon hope that the general public, and those looking to hire PR firms see through this garbage, and realize that this show has nothing in common with what PR truly is.  That’s what is going to make you a PR Pro, because not everyone has a rich daddy in the music industry." (For those unschooled on the Grubman family, the daddy being referred to is entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman.) Strangely, the release is not currently posted on the 5W web site.

On that kind and gentle note, happy holidays!

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Photo Credit: Star Max Photos