We get the boneless pig joke, but will PETA?

In the history of mystery meat, few cuts have proven more provocative than the contents of the McRib Sandwich from McDonald’s. Ostensibly a “boneless” rib sandwich, the McRib tends to make fast-food aficionados wonder if the bones have been removed from the meat through some marvelous new industrial process or whether cuts of pork have simply been fashioned into a rib-like pattern and toughened to simulate the chewiness of cartilage. Now the answer is provided by an agricultural trade group lobbying McDonald’s to keep the McRib on the menu after 23 years. The Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America has established a Web site containing breaking news of protests and petitions to preserve their way of life. In one emotional video, a farmer says “Please save the boneless pig . . . because a world with bones is just too hard.” As you might have guessed the site is a put-on from one of McDonald’s ad shops, Moroch Partners in Dallas, which is trying a little viral marketing for the McRib. Unless consumers demand an encore, the boneless pork sandwich is history, McDonald’s claims. As a branch of the mcrib.com site, the bonelesspigs.org microsite is cleverly deadpan.  Be sure to check out the diagrams showing the difference between traditional pigs and the boneless variety.