‘We Are the Media’ Says This Global Group of Journalists in New Campaign From Storyhunter and UNESCO

Just in time for World Press Freedom Day

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

The media is not monolith, argues pretty much any member of the media in response to generalized critiques directed at the media. In the United States in the past few years, those critiques have largely, but not exclusively, been directed toward organizations that do political coverage and the quality, substance, and tilt of that coverage.

A new campaign by international video freelance network Storyhunter, introduced today at UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, serves as a reminder that the idea of media is even broader than we tend to imagine it, and is populated with journalists, producers and documentary filmmakers from around the world who risk their freedom to get the story.

The journalists, producers and filmmakers featured include Venezuelan journalist Carlos Beltran​, documentary filmmaker Kori Feener​, Kenyan producer and filmmaker Thuku Kariuki​, filmmaker Julia Muldavin​, South African director and photojournalist Tobie Openshaw​, Indian filmmaker and editor Mithun Pramanik​, Chilean documentary filmmaker Clarisa Quintero​, Pakistani journalist Asma Shirazi​, photography director and editor Fernando Teixeira​, videojournalist and correspondent Sophie Tremblay​, Chinese-born, New York-based documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang​ and Bolivian Express general editor William Wroblewski.​

They are an international group, but some of their statements would fit right in as responses to President Trump’s attacks on the media:

“I am not a liar.”
“I am not unethical.”
“I work every day to find the truth.”

Watch below: