WD-40 Makes Your Doors Extra Creaky (for a Change) With This Ingenious Halloween App

Trick your treaters with three spooky sounds

Headshot of Angela Natividad

We would have loved to see the focus group on this. 

You've probably used WD-40 to get creaking to stop. But what if you need those creaks for effect … like, say, on Halloween? 

Never fear. The brand that oils your joints is helping to address this problem with a Haunted Door app, made "for the one night of the year you actually want your door to creak." Simply activate the app and slip your phone into a doorknob sleeve after selecting the creak you want most. Three jauntily punned options include "Paradoormal Activity," "The Exdoorcist" and "Door of the Dead." 

After that, open and close your door at will, and revel in the creepy motion-sensitive ambiance for those unwitting trick-or-treaters. 

While the app seems targeted to existing WD-40 fans (it has them), agency BIMM cites research showing that 8 out of 10 homes actually have creaky doors whose noise they've just gotten used to. 

"By offering an extra creaky door SFX app, the brand finds a way to re-heighten awareness of your own existing, albeit less dramatic, creaky doors throughout your home that could actually use some WD-40," an accompanying release claims.

Clever. Also, pay close attention to the skull that serves as the app's logo. Apparently it's packed with little things around your house that WD-40 can help fix. What a treat! 

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@luckthelady angela.natividad@gmail.com Angela Natividad is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak. She is also the author of Generation Creation and co-founder of Hurrah, an esports agency. She lives in Paris and when she isn't writing, she can be found picking food off your plate.