‘Watchmen’ trailer isn’t music to our ears


The comic-book-movie genre has an interesting problem: Rabid fansters want their beloved heroes adapted faithfully on screen, right down to the minutiae. The makers of Watchmen the movie, based on the celebrated graphic novel by Alan Moore, have been doing a good job with the costumes, keeping the changes minimal and the fans happy. But the trailer, which was just released, has this rabid fanster peeved to the point of foaming, merely by the choice of music. They had five perfectly good songs to choose from that Alan Moore used in the book. But no, they pick “The End Is the Beginning Is the End” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Didn’t anybody get the memo after Corgan formed Zwan? More important, the song was written about Batman for the movie Batman and Robin. Did they think comic-book geeks wouldn’t notice something like that? Perhaps they’re banking on them paying closer attention to the Watchmen Veidt Enterprises ad contest (which has some winners) or making their own versions of the trailer, with musical selections that aren’t much better.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers