Watching the Watchmen can be exhausting!

After putting out several hundred trailers with slight variations, creating a vast slew of "official" posters, animating the Black Freighter subplot and bundling it as an extra DVD along with a movie adaptation of Under the Hood (the first Nite Owl's tell-all book), publishing an art book, and creating The New Frontiersman Web site and viral content, the marketing people behind the Watchmen movie looked around and said, "You know what we're missing? A rip-off of a retro-style video game!" So, they made MinuteMen, a Double Dragon-esque game complete with an 8-bit soundtrack. You can play as either the first Nite Owl or the first Silk Spectre, as you kick and punch your way to defeating Moloch's gang (watch out, he has mystic knives!). It's absurdly easy (hint: they can't hit you if they're stuck behind the trash cans), and it only takes a few minutes (assuming you don't suck). But with the massive amount of hype you've already ingested, what's your incentive to play the game? Getting to see yet another slight variation of the trailer when you win.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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