Watch These Ads Before Playing Any Music for Your Fetus

'Marvin' magazine predicts impact of different bands

Pregnant music lovers: The jury may be out on whether playing music for your expectant belly actually benefits your unborn child. What about the potential downsides? A new series of insane, excellent spots for Mexican alt music magazine Marvin, from agency LatinWorks (and director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz), imagines the risks of exposing your fetus to contemporary favorites. Radiohead, for example, might leave it feeling inconveniently reclusive. Nirvana will probably set it up for one of life's most bitter disappointments. (Oddly, the couple is seen playing Nevermind for the runt, not the more seemingly pertinent In Utero.) The campaign, created in Spanish, is also circulating in English—and is still pretty much pitch-perfect. Check out the full series below. Via Copyranter.

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