Watch Out, New Hamburglar, Old Hamburglar Is Out of Jail and on the Road Again

A parallel adventure

If you're underwhelmed by the new Hamburglar's antics so far—and are pining for the original criminal himself—you're in luck, thanks to a spec campaign from production company Whiskey Tongue.

The #OGHamburglar campaign (OG being slang, of course, for original gangster) will feature a series of short films, one of which was just released—showing Ronald McDonald and Grimace picking up OGHamburglar just as he's getting out of jail.

That's about it so far, but the first spot is quite nice—gritty and disturbing in a Heath-Ledger-Joker sort of way. Fans can use the hashtag #OGHamburglar to help decide where the series goes next. (And please, no plots with nagging wives.)

"The #OGHamburglar is back in action (straight outta prison) brought to you by a team of rogue creatives who want to bring the beloved character back to life outside of lockdown," the filmmakers say.

Adds creative director Brett Landry: "We love the Hamburglar and hope that McDonald's will enjoy our interpretation of the original character."