Watch Cats Basically Hump Direct Mail Coated With Kitty Crack

How to do fliers for cat litter

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In retrospect, it seems obvious. To get cats to pay attention to your direct mail, just soak the damn fliers in catnip—and watch the kitties lose their minds when the mail arrives.

That's what Vancouver agency Rethink did recently for a cat litter client. As seen in the video below, the engagement with the marketing is undeniable—and pretty cute to watch also.

Owners have been targeted through their pets' olfactory senses before, of course, though in somewhat grosser ways—like the old Animal Planet ads that smelled like urine, placed at the foot of lampposts in the U.K.

Credits below.


Client: Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse

Agency: Rethink Canada, Vancouver

Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples

Art Director: Leia Rogers

Copywriter: Bob Simpson

Designer: Lisa Nakamura

Account Manager: Marie Lunny

Print Producers: Cary Emley, Sue Wilkinson

Printer: Metropolitan Fine Printers

Editor: Chris Nielsen

Cats: Mona, Bella, Ommie, Jojo, Paul, Linus, Malo, Taika,

Riley, Gracie, Prince Ruv, Bagheera, and Pebble

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.