Watch All 75 Years of Superman’s Career in Just Two Minutes

The many faces of the Man of Steel

Superman turns 75 this year, so Warner Bros. commissioned Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and animator Bruce Timm to put together a short cartoon recapping Superman's career in comics, TV and movies. In about two minutes, we see the Man of Tomorrow throw cars, punch through airplanes, fly through traffic irresponsibly, get punched in the face by Muhammad Ali, wear his underwear over his pants, fight Bizarro, get sort of killed by Doomsday and do a whole bunch of other stuff that you can learn more about in The Hollywood Reporter's blow-by-blow analysis. Kudos to the creators for incorporating all the different eras of art styles, not to mention working through all of DC's continuity issues to the point where Superman's byzantine back story actually seems coherent. 

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