Watch Adweek's Mashup of the Best Ads of 2022

The annual tradition features 30 ads in a little over 2 minutes

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It’s been quite the year. Between brands getting a little too saucy on social media, a literal war breaking out in Ukraine and Twitter being extra even for Twitter, there was a lot to take in. With all this going on, who has time for ads?

We do, of course. It’s kind of in our name.

Every year, Adweek’s Creativity team painstakingly goes through the latest crop of ads with the goal of choosing the best. This year, the total number of honorees increased to 30 to accommodate an exceptional class of ads, including a sequel from one of 2022’s best ads and an incredibly catchy song (and dance) about one of the holidays’ unsung heroes.

Now, we understand you might not have time to sit and watch all 30 ads amid all the holiday happenings (Apple’s “The Comeback” alone clocks in at 23 minutes). So, like every year, we smashed them together into a supercut that comes in at just over 2 minutes. You’re welcome.

Editor: Breana Mallamaci