Washington state invites you to ‘SayWA’

It seems like we’re catching up on all state-slogan news
this morning. This time we’re off to Washington
state, which has selected “SayWA” as its new tourism slogan
. We thought New Jersey’s “Come see
for yourself” was an ambivalent line, but this one is even weirder. “SayWA”
sounds like the essence of confusion. A story in the Puget Sound Business
gets right to the point: “State’s new tourism slogan
has some experts saying, ‘Huh?’” Evidently, Foote Cone & Belding in Seattle had a hand in the campaign, which spawned this
great quote from the president of the state lodging association: “FCB is one of
the best agencies not only in Washington but nationally. I’m going to assume that the ad agency knows what it’s doing.” There’s your first mistake. At one point, the line “Endless
discoveries” was bandied about. Says one disillusioned observer: “I want to know what
happened between ‘Endless discoveries’ and getting to ‘SayWA.’”

—Posted by Tim Nudd